World Voice Day is April 16. On this day, each year, voice professionals worldwide celebrate the importance of educating the public about vocal health and the need for preventative care.

“Between three and 10 percent of American experience voice problems at any given time,” Dr. Ingo Titze

Utah Governor Gary Herbert Proclaims Voice and Speech Celebration Day


NCVS will be hosting a Community Voice Forum APRIL 16

U of U Voice Disorders Clinic Offering FREE Voice Screenings



World Voice Day: An Event for Singers (pdf) WVD

On  Saturday from 10am-1pm at Music Hall, in a space of the Cincinnati Opera (who is co-sponsoring this event) we will be giving talks. In addition we’re offering free brief strobes for several days (see flyer).
I do not yet know the full detail, but we will all approach “Connect with your voice” from different angles, and of course cover the rudimentary “how does your voice work? What causes voice disorders? What can you do to avoid this or what to do when this happens?” material.
Speakers will include:
Rocco Dal Vera, MFA, head of voice theatre voice in the College Conservatory of Music of the U. of Cincinnati
Dr. Sid Khosla, associate prof of otolaryngology, U of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Dr. Eva van Leer, assistant prof of otolaryngology, u of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

Coloring Book Pages

Page 1 Tired Voice

Page 2 Pizza Voice

Page 3 Cough Voice

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Listen to Dr. Ingo Titze on "Musical Theatre Talk with Trish Cause"(recorded April 1, 2011)

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Listen to Dr. Titze, Dr. Hunter & Dr. Thompson on "Thinking Aloud Classical 89 (recorded April 15, 2011) http://classical89.org/thinkingaloud/

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