Voice Production Tutorials

Welcome! This set of webpages (think of it as a website within a website) was created to help conquer the scientific concepts of voice production. This site may be especially helpful for those who haven't taken a college course in physics recently (or ever).

It is intended to accompany the text by Dr. Ingo Titze, Principles of Voice Production, (available from the NCVS bookstore). Material found here parallels the organization of the text.

Three learning aids were developed by Julie Ostrem and Jeff Fields of the NCVS staff. Funding was provided by the NCVS Continuing Education initiative from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

Each equation that appears in the text is explained in plain English. Along the way, "what if" questions and discussions of the relevance of the terms also are examined. Click Here for The Equation Exploder

One- or two-page mini-courses give you simplified overviews of many topics covered in the text. Animations, quick-time movies and audio clips are linked to the pages to enhance the text descriptions. Click Here for The Tutorials

Once you feel that you've mastered a topic, travel to the testing center to see if you've truly absorbed all you need to know. Your test will be scored immediately to detect any knowledge gaps. Click Here for the Testing Center