Science Fair

The investigators at the National Center for Voice and Speech conduct experiments to learn more about how people talk and sing. But you won't need to be a PhD to try some of the fascinating science explorations we'll present here. [Hint: Some of the ideas would make great school projects or provide inspiration for science fair experiments.]

Beastly Babble A set of explanations, quizzes and exercises to jumpstart your thinking: how do animals communicate differently than humans? do members of the same species always understand one another? is animal chatter understandable between different species?


How We See How We Sound We know that voice is really just air formed into sound waves that our ears can hear. So, how do scientists and doctors study the voice? Finding out if a person has a broken voice can't be as easy as finding out if someone has a broken leg. Or, is it?


An incredible journey: About 40 years ago, there was a neat movie called Fantastic Voyage. In it, a group of scientists shrunk themselves (and their submarine) into teensy proportions and traveled through a human's body to save his life. Well, we thought that idea was just too cool to ignore. So, we invite you to take your own incredible journey inside the body's vocal system.