Healthfully Speaking...

Voice as a Primary Tool of Trade
How many workers in the U.S. depend on their voices to fulfill their job responsibilities? Are some employees at higher "vocal risk" than others? This article points out the heavy inter-dependence between oral communication and job tasks.

A "Do-it-yourself" Guide to Healthy Vocalization
Of course, persons in a state of voice pathology need the individualized care of a qualified otolaryngologist and voice specialist. But what are some things the average person can do to have a healthier and more pleasing voice? Bunches of strategies are presented.

Tips to Keep you Talkin'
Eight vocal hygiene tips are prepared in bookmark form. This pdf file is available from the NCVS Archives.


Just the FAQ's
Every good website needs a section called "Frequently Asked Questions." Vocologist Kate Emerich answers a potpourri of questions about speaking, singing, vocal health, and so forth. We've added an e-mail link at the bottom of the page for you to pose your questions. Just about anything dealing with voice and speech is fair game, so look for this section to grow and change.

Top Vocal Warmups for Singers
Just as a runner stretches the hamstrings and lightly jogs before a race, a singer must adequately prepare for vocal performance. This exercise set describes both the exercise and how it gets to voice ready to go.


What to Expect at Your Voice Center Visit
Are you a singer visiting a voice center for the first time? Knowing what to expect will quell jitters stemming from the unexpected.


Prescribed Medications and Their Effects on Voice and Speech
In tabular form, the 200 most frequently-prescribed medications are presented in alphabetical order, along with their effects (if any) on voice or speech production.