Our commitment to translational research

This section of the NCVS website is large, because the NCVS has long been a strong advocate of disseminating information learned in its laboratories to those who can benefit from an increased knowledge of voice: clinicians who work with voice clients, voice educators, singing teachers and singers, and those who use their voices each day in their work and play (which encompasses just about all of us).

The Voice Academy website (www.voiceacademy.org) was launched in 2003 with a subset of investigators from the NCVS.This free and information-loaded website was created for America's schoolteachers, the professional group that has the highest prevalence of voice disorders. It was funded by a grant from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

Voice Production Tutorials include information for serious scholars of voice and feature a set of study aids that accompany Dr. Titze's book, Principles of Voice Production.

Science Fair adventures challenge young minds to think about human vocalizations from unique perspectives and encourages new explorations into the fascinating field of speech and voice science.

Vocal Health: Do you want to learn more about your vocal health and how to keep your voice useful and healthy throughout your lifetime? Loads of vocal health tips and know-how are presented, as well as special outreaches for singers.

Essays and briefs represent our perspectives, but are less formal than the peer-reviewed articles listed under the Research link.

Public Service Announcements: these 30-second videos remind us of the richness vocal communication adds to our lives and the importance of taking care of the vocal instrument.

  • PSA 1 Vocal Doctor (Take Care of Your Voice)...
  • PSA 2 Animals (Take Care of Your Voice)...
  • PSA 3 Every voice is as one...