Presenter Graham F Welch
Presentation Title Developing young professional female singers in UK cathedrals
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1 Ruth Rainero – I just have goosebumps, this is so fabulous. I don’t know the church has changed that quickly in such a short time. I have a question; I’m going to give a comparison to a piece of legislation in the United States called Title 9, (in 1975). It’s legislation that college sports give equal money and equal time to women’s sports teams. In some areas this worked very well; other areas, there’s been great resistance….[listen to audio link for the remainder of the question] Audio link.
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2 Theresa Radomski – To me one of the most incredible aspects of this is the musical education that these young people are getting. It is phenomenal, intensive and great for their development as musicians. I’m wondering about the vocal development of these girls, I know it’s a fairly new phenomenon. You mentioned in one of the slides how the girls may tend to imitate the boys and so forth. How is the scene among colleagues in the more operatic world – do girls as choristers tend to develop as singers? Audio link.
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3 Perry Smith – I’m surprised that they didn’t bring up the issue of puberty, specifically with the girls' voices not changing and being allowed to stay in the choir longer, so that the work that you do when they are younger, you would have better examples – no cracking, no breaking of the voices, nobody leaving the choir. I’m surprised that wasn’t even mentioned. Did you address that? Audio link.
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