Presenter Johan Sundberg
Presentation Title The Nasal Tract as a Resonator in Singing Some Experimental Findings
Additional Authors Birch, Gümoes, Prytz, Karle, Stavad
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1 Brian Monson – I’m curious to know, did you happen to do overall sound power? The effect on the overall sound power level by adding the nasal tract and the maxillary sinuses? Audio link.
1 Audio link.
2 Brian Monson – Also do you plan or have you taken perceived loudness measurements with the nasal tract? Audio link.
2 Audio link.
3 Jim Doing – Had a question about the first three tones that were sung; it seems to me the [a] without any nasalation was sung at quite a low dynamic level. Was that singer trying to sing in equal mezzo forte or forte [a] each time? Because it seemed to me it was like a mezzo piano [a], and then when you put the nose in, it went louder. Audio link.
3 Audio link.
4 Linda Carroll – In trying to take this further (and looking at it medically for our students who have chronic sinusitis and are contemplating whether to go ahead and have the sinus surgery or have any kind of nasal surgery), I know that sometimes we’ve had singers who report that after they have had sinus surgery, that they feel like their full resonance is available to them, which kind of points to the resistance factor that you’ve found, which kind of makes me wonder about physicians who do unsuccessful sinus surgery, what might be happening. Audio link.
4 Audio link.
5 Andy Coward – I had a question about if you determined through visual inspection if your subject did in fact open his nasal port or if that was by taking his word? Audio link.
5 Audio link.
6 Doug Cook – How did the iron nose sound to the ear as compared to the human version? Audio link.
6 Audio link.