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Conference Presentations

Multimedia presentation links, ordered by last name of main speaker. The presentations that were given at the conference were converted to a web format, using audio and video recorded during the conference to enhance the slide presentations along with the electronic conference materials provided by the speaker. There are also links for the question/answer session for each speaker in text and/or audio format.

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Click on the presentation title to view the materials available for that presentation.

Podium Presentations

Presenter Presentation Title
Stephen F. Austin, M.M., Ph.D. Historical support for teaching the ‘comfortably low’ laryngeal posture and the ‘closed timbre’
Patricia Callaway, D.M.A. The Use of Spectrographic Analysis of Female Voices in the College Voice Studio
William Carey and Donald Miller Rosa Ponselle’s Use of Registers
Linda M. Carroll, PhD Significance of analysis window size in maximum flow declination rate
James F. Daugherty The Effect of Choir Spacing on Singers’ Perceptions of Efficient Vocal Production
David M. Howard Technology in the singing studio: evaluation by users
Eric J. Hunter Overlap of hearing and voicing ranges, and a comparison of the VRP and the perceived VRP in singing
Daniel Ihasz & Dillon R. Parmer Practical Pedagogy and Voce Vista
Filipa Lã The Influence of the Menstrual Cycle and the Oral Contraceptive Pill on the Female Operatic Singing Voice
Scott McCoy, D.M.A. Breathing & Gender: Men v Women in the Lutte Vocale
Deirdre D. Michael, Ph.D., CCC/SLP Correlations Between Perceptual and Acoustic Measures of Voice Quality in Singers
D.G. Miller and H.K. Schutte Voix mixte: Can chest and falsetto be combined?
Garyth Nair Consonant Resonance and the Highly-skilled Singer – a Study in Physioacoustics
Viggio Pettersen Muscular patterns and muscular loading levels by classical singers recorded by surface electromyography
Lisa Popeil Acoustical Description of 8 Common Singing Styles
Nandhu Radhakrishnan Acoustic, aerodynamic, and kinematic measures of voice production during the “taan” gestures in Indian classical singing
Ruth Rainero The Tongue as Culprit - Increasing vowel clarity and improving legato through releasing unnecessary tongue tension
Donald G. Miller The Role of the Laryngeal Collar in Vocal Tract Acoustics
Martin Rothenberg The Control of Airflow during Singing
Prof.dr. Harm K. Schutte
Postural Changes in the Throat: an Attempt to Correlate Visual and Acoustical Cues of Voice Production
Martin L. Spencer, M.A. CCC-SLP Longitudinal analysis of undergraduate VRPs using the Voice Category Template and Ratio (VCTR) System
Johan Sundberg The Nasal Tract as a Resonator in Singing Some Experimental Findings
Sten Ternström Synthesizing Singing - what’s the buzz?
Karen J. Wicklund, D.M. & Heidi W.D. Vogley, MS., CCC-SLP Therapeutic Protocols for the Vocally Injured University Singer: Rehabilitation Through Collaboration
John R. Weiss, D.M.A Vocal Health in the Choral Rehearsal
Graham F Welch Developing young professional female singers in UK cathedrals
Joe Wolfe Resonance strategies in singing: sopranos and tenors
Elizabeth Blades-Zeller, DMA The Effects of Feldenkrais Work on the Singer’s Voice as Documented by Spectrographic Analysis: A Preliminary Study


Poster Presentations

Presenter Poster Title
Ofer Amir Birth Control Pills and Voice
Isabelle Cossette Research on Breath Support
Wendy DeLeo LeBorgne, Ph.D.
Presented on behalf of Dr. LeBorgne by Martin Spencer
Belters Pathology? Three Case Presentations
Melissa Malde, DMA Translating Imagery into the Language of Body Mapping
Liz McNaughton, M.A.,LL.B Singing and voicework for those with Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and special needs as well as stroke patients and the carers for these groups: an on-going assessment of the benefits of working with voice to activate and improve muscular, aerobic and cardio-vascular exercise and overall well-being.
John Nix Vowel Modification Revisited
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