Fantastic Voyage

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Fantastic Voyage

The Fantastic Voyage is a narrated voyage of the throat with the aid of a Videostroboscope.

Here are the streaming video versions: (requires real player, get the free player at

Best Quality (for DSL or fast internet connections ~45M total)
Medium Quality (LAN connection - ~17M)
Dial Up Version (less quality ~4M total)

If you do not have a high speed connection, you may prefer to try one of the following formats.:

To minimize each download segment, the voyage has been split into 13 tracks in the below files. View each track in sequence to experience the voyage in the correct order. These video files are in Windows Media format and Real Player. Please ensure you have the Windows Media Player or Real Player installed in order to view them. Get the Windows Media player here or the Real Player here.[These links will open in a new browser window.]

Real Player format
Windows Media Format
Track 1 (1,082 KB)
Track 2 (457 KB)
Track 3 (2,668 KB)
Track 4 (314 KB)
Track 5 (1,333 KB)
Track 6 (673 KB)
Track 7 (377 KB)
Track 8 (500 KB)
Track 9 (741 KB)
Track 10 (788 KB)
Track 11 (2,896 KB)
Track 12 (1,267 KB)
Track 13 (350 KB)

Many thanks to:
Dr. Mona Abaza for performing the procedure
Kate Emerich, Narrator
Julie Ostrem for the vision and support

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