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Test your knowledge of the following topics as presented in the text, Principles of Voice Production (click here to order the book). Use your mouse to select true or false for each question. [You will undoubtedly notice right away that "true" is the default.] Once you've anwered all the questions within a chapter, click on the "I am done with the test." button for immediate scoring.

Chapter 1: Basic Anatomy of the Laryngeal Area

Chapter 2: Biomechanics of Laryngeal Tissue

Chapter 3: Fluid Flow in Respiratory Airways

Chapter 4: Vocal Fold Oscillation

Chapter 5: Generation and Propagation of Sound

Chapter 6: The Source-Filter Theory of Vowels

Chapter 7: Voice Classification and Life-Span Changes

Chapter 8: Control of Fundamental Frequency

Chapter 9: Control of Vocal Intensity and Efficiency

Chapter 10: Vocal Registers

Chapter 11: Fluctuations and Perturbations

Chapter 12: Voice Disorders


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