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We take our work seriously at the NCVS. Investigators spend countless hours in labs and clinics studying computer models, in vitro tissues, and data from persons with and without voice and speech problems. These investigations provide the keys to fully understanding how the human body produces voice and how best to rehabilitate voice and speech when disease, age or trauma creates havoc with the system.

However, we also see a lighter side. Our voices tell others so much about us: our ages, genders, states of health, moods. Vocal impersonators make us laugh. Singers make us swoon. A mother's lullaby comforts her child.

With this great inter-connectedness between who we are and how we vocalize, is it any wonder that our voices fascinate us?

Vocal Jeopardy

Click here to play Vocal Jeopardy - requires Flash Player.

Quote. Unquote.

Some are thought-provoking. A few directly contradict one another. Many are enlightening, while others just made us giggle. So, without further verbiage, here are some of the best of what has been said about what we say...

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