PAS 2004 Electronic Scrapbook

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Martin Rothenberg (right) makes a point with William Carey.

Left to right, John Nix, Ron Scherer and Fari Alipour talk during a break
Kristen Wunderlich and Steve Austin share a laugh.
The conference room was packed for this presentation on voice acoustics.

Johan Sundberg and Deirdre Michael talk during a break in the action.
Paul Coward (left) and Clayne Robison talk shop.
Say 'formant' instead of 'cheese!' - Diane Bolden-Taylor and Jurjaan Snelleman smile for the camera.
Fred Martell, Esther Hardenbergh and Jeanne Goffi-Fynn (and Jeanne's baby!) talk it over after a presentation.
Kate Emerich and Diane Bolden-Taylor (foreground) and Perry Smith and Ingo Titze (background) visit during a break.
Lisa Popeil talks with Brian Monson. Harm Schutte (left) and Steven Bolster share a laugh. SVI grads Lynn Helding (left) and Sue Buesgens catch up.
James Daugherty (left) and Graham Welch talk it over between presentations.

Melissa Malde (left), Diane Bolden-Taylor and Esther Hardenbergh visit over refreshments.

Joe Wolfe and Natalie Henrich share a laugh.
James Doing (left), Dillon Parmer and Daniel Ihasz talk about Voce Vista. Ingo Titze explains a concept to Raymond Walther. John Nix thanks Viggio Pettersen for his presentation.
Don Miller and Suzanne Collins phonate in the foyer between sessions. Harm Schutte (left), Johan Sundberg, Ingo Titze and Sten Ternström laugh it up. Joe Wolfe (left) and Sten Ternström talk shop.
Harm Schutte (left), Johan Sundberg and Ingo Titze visit together during a break in the action. Ofer Amir smiles for the camera. "You really need to wear bowties, Ingo...they'll help you look taller!" - Ingo Titze and Johan Sundberg get the giggles in a light moment between sessions.
Paul Kiesgen (left) and Don Miller share a conversation before the next presentation. PAS Wednesday Evening performers Robert Spillman, piano, Mary Enid Haines, soprano, and J.R. Fralick, tenor
photo: Karen Rogge-Milller

Pictures: Melanie Simonet, Denver Center for the Performing Arts
Captions: John Nix, National Center for Voice and Speech
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